Friday, January 23, 2009

Baseboards are finally done!!!

So Dad and I FINALLY finished baseboards and let me say that this was NOT my favorite project!  I think I definately have ADHD because all the steps invovled were driving me CRAZY and I could not stay focused!!!  Not to mention that it took nearly 3 weeks to finish and my house has been a mess the whole time!  That about drives me over the edge!!!  But i must say that they look nice and I'm glad we did it!  BUT... those beautiful new white baseboards have done a really bad thing, they have made everything else look REALLY dirty! This is going to start a domino effect I can feel it!  Exhibit A:  Yucky, dirty door jams!
This is what the family room looked like with all of the stuff from the spare bedroom in it.  Everyday, my dad would come over and choose a room and move all the stuff to the center or out in the hall and then start making cuts. My job was to sand nail holes, fill with wood filler, re-sand, caulk, repaint those spots, and then put the room back together...I thought it would never end!!  It drove me nuts!!
But look... don't they look nice!
We even did a pretty good job on the corners!
Fortunately for dad, we had enough left to do his house!  Unfortunately for me, I get to help him!  Then we start on the Bowdens house!  I hope our next project is way more fun!

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The Anderson Family said...

Feel free to come do my house when you are done!!! Haha
They do look great!!!!